About blocking an account on Instagram

Hello, our most precious visitors! Today we’ll talk about how to block an Instagram account. After all, there are people who are very interested in this topic. This became especially noticeable after our publication about deleting an account in intstagram.

Well, now our publication will be devoted to how to temporarily block an account on Instagram. And soon we’ll talk about security for Insta.

And by following these instructions, you will never get banned on Instagram.

5 steps to block an Instagram account

Here’s what to do to block instagram!

In order for you to be able to block your Instagram account, go to your account from your computer through a browser. I’m used to working in Chrome from Google, and I’ll show you using his example.

By the way, there is also a blocking of an individual in this network. But let’s talk about this on another page.

Step-by-step steps to temporarily block your Instagram account:

1). We go to the section “Edit profile”.

2). Then go to the bottom of your account edit page and find the active link “Temporarily block my account” there.

3). We indicate the reason why you decided to block your Instagram account.

4). Then enter the password, and then click on the lock button.

5). After that, a new window will pop up in which you confirm the blocking of your account on Instagram.

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