How Not To Do – Main Mistakes When Promotion Telegram

Now let’s talk about the main mistakes in promotion link telegram viral.

Content should al

ways come first: interesting, exclusive, and engaging. In a pinch, beautifully redesigned. If there is no content, no advertising will help promote the Telegram channel.
“Cheat services” are bot farms. They are useless, don’t waste your money. It is better to order placement on a good and proven resource in the Telega.
Transitions from third-party sites are usually quite insignificant, you should not count on them.
Outdated methods of promotion will not work either: spam, posting comments with links to third-party resources, and other dubious options.
Count money and clicks, carefully choose sites, clearly define your subscribers.
Recently, Telega has begun to ban, which means that you need to be careful in your statements and posts so as not to fall under sanctions.

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