How to add more than 3 Telegram accounts to the application?

How to add more than 3 Telegram accounts with lara diabla to one device, if there is such a need? Let’s talk about multi-account – a new messenger function that anyone can use! Let’s figure out how many profiles can be connected at the same time and how to increase the limit.

How multi-account works
Some time ago, it was really possible to register many accounts in the Telegram! This function in the messenger is called a multi-account – at the same time you can connect three different profiles linked to three different mobile numbers. A very convenient option that allows you to combine work and personal accounts in one place. You no longer need to switch between different applications and install third-party software!

On iPhone
Let’s talk about how to create many Telegram accounts on iPhone – add new profiles (three in total) and get started:

Open the messenger;
Click on the settings button – it is on the bottom right panel;
Click on the “Change” button top right;
In the editing menu, look for the “Add …” button;
Enter the phone number (make sure to enter the correct country code);
Click on the “Synchronize contacts” button, if necessary;
We confirm the identity with the code that will be sent in the SMS message.
On android
The algorithm for Android is slightly different – the instructions will be simpler and clearer. So, how to create multiple Telegram accounts on Android?

Log in to the application;
Click on the three stripes in the upper left;
In the menu that opens, find the “Add” icon with a plus sign;
Click and enter the phone number in the field that opens;
Check or uncheck (if necessary) the checkbox in the “Synchronize contacts” line;
Wait for an incoming message with a code that you need to enter in the appropriate window.
And how to add more than three accounts to Telegram, is it possible to bypass the developer’s restriction? You will not find any tricks inside the messenger – only three accounts are officially available.

If you need to add more profiles, you will have to use third-party software. You can download a third-party client for working with instant messengers that supports multi-accounts – for example, iMe Messenger or duplicate the icon of the official application using the appropriate program. You can use the help of Parallel Space or App Cloner (there are tons of other applications).

Here’s how to create many Telegram accounts – if you wish, you can add even more than three profiles!

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