Do you know how a user can repost on Instagram? – Keep in mind that you can repost on instagram (instagram) both from a computer and from a smartphone. In our version, let’s talk about how to repost from the phone, because the instagram application was created specifically for the phone.

In order for any user to be able to repost on Instagram, you need to download a special application, because the very capabilities of the insta you have installed do not allow you to repost.

I want to make a digression and for those who do not know to explain that a repost is the publication of other people’s publications, photos, etc. on your page with a link to the publication. After you publish a repost on social networks, this publication will be seen by other users and your friends on the page of the network in which you made this repost.

Installing the app for repost

In order for you to repost from your instagram account, you will have to download and install a special application. I’ll recommend one that works equally well on both Android and the App Store.

This good app is called Repost for Instagram. It is downloaded in the same way as other applications, so you can do it easily.

Go to Google Play, type in letters or voice “Repost for Instagram”, then click on the “Install” button of this application.

As you can see, installing the application specifically for instagram reposts is simple.

The repost itself is done as follows:

1). Click in the upper right corner of the three dots and a window will appear in which click on “Copy link”.

2). Then a message about copying will appear and a repost icon appears in its upper left corner in my phone, after which you scroll down the top of the phone with your finger and click on this icon.

3). Then the photo you took on the Instagram repost will appear, click on the one you want to publish.

4). Now you can use the tools in the application, but then you do everything as when you publish your photos on Instagram.

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