How to set up VKontakte ad impressions

The interface of the system for setting up contextual advertising on VKontakte is as simple as possible to understand. You just need to learn a few basic concepts including link telegram viral:

CTR is the ratio of clicks to impressions. Used to determine the performance of an ad during the impression stage. The more “clickable” the ad, the faste

r you will get the desired number of clicks and visitors. And the cheaper the promotion will be.

A limit is a limit on the cost of promoting a particular ad. This is a daily limit: when the cost per impression reaches the specified value, the impressions will stop.

Targeting – display characteristics, such as: interests of the client, age, gender, geolocation, communities in which he is a member, education, devices from which he entered the network, operating system, etc.

Retargeting is a tool that allows you to set up impressions by groups of people with the identifiers (id) you specify, as well as by phone numbers and email addresses. Retargeting is useful if you have a user base that is likely to be interested in your offer. Especially convenient is the ability to export it from an xls file.

Payment model (CPM / CPC) – the ability to set the cost of advertising from the number of impressions or clicks. Each of these models has its own advantages for a particular campaign. CPC – allows you to set a cost per click and quickly get the desired number of clicks.

CPM – pay per thousand impressions, effective if your ad has a CTR>0.1% (average CTR is 0.03%).

Using knowledge about the client, the features of your product, and having thought out a promotion strategy on a social network, you can make an advertising campaign as effective as possible at low cost.

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