What you need to know about posting

Now let’s look at such an important question as how to write a post on Instagram. Is it worth writing a long post, or maybe a short post is better for instagram?

So let’s find the right solution based on new algorithms in this network and decide what posts need to be done on Instagram right now. This is especially useful for administrators on this network.

It turns out that the longer your post, the greater your audience reach. Previously, it was believed that a certain text (medium format) was needed, so as not to strain the users of this social network too much.

Nowadays, good posting is the basis of popularity in many social networks!

New Instagram algorithms
Now on Instagram, the algorithms work in such a way that the longer your description for the post, the more users are attracted to it, on the basis of which we will be provided with more impressions, which will accordingly improve the coverage of our account, or rather the post that is published in it.

So develop your writing skills, because the larger the post on Instagram, the more passion it will have. Accordingly, such a description will receive more likes with comments. Don’t forget about the direct function, use it.

Do not forget to ask an interesting question to the readers at the end of the published post. Questions of a provocative nature work well.

Cool copy will definitely boost your posting, so take advantage of that. Although knowing that many of you are not supporters of huge texts, but what can you do, time is moving forward, you need to keep up with it.

How to write a cool instagram post
In order to write a good post on Instagram, you need to decide on the title. After all, the headline is what catches your eye in the first place, of course after the photo.

Therefore, try to highlight the title, make it catchy and intriguing, so that the reader will click on the “more” button after reading it.

After the title, write a greeting or a request to like it, or add a photo to your saved ones. Although the network itself prohibits begging for likes, in principle, to this day, it does not fight those who ask for them.

After that, the description itself is published, which is separated by spaces or emoticons, pictures. There are even invisible emoticons, but some of them may be visible on other devices and show something completely different from what you published. Be careful with invisible pictures.

It is recommended to write in a simple and relaxed manner, it is better to work out your style of writing posts.

A paragraph should be two to five sentences long. Use emojis and emoticons to boost engagement and beautify your text.

Be sure to ask questions of your readers in the publication, ask what happened to them, and whether it happened to you in such a form.

How to separate sentences in posts with paragraphs
Here’s how to write Instagram posts with paragraphs!

It is better to separate sentences with dots, for this, at the end of a sentence, you put a period, after which there should be no characters. The dot should be the last character in the published proposal.

Then you press “Enter” on your smartphone, but keep in mind that a space is automatically put after the dot. You remove this space, because after the period there should not be any signs, then the lines will be divided into paragraphs, and not merged, as I observe in some publications.

After all, many do not notice the gap, and when they wrote a post and publish, then they wonder why the lines turned out together, because you separated them. – This is where the gap played its role, which you did not even put, but it was put automatically. Keep this in mind!

So, after the period, there are no signs or spaces!

This is how your post will be separated by paragraphs after the period.

A short diagram of how to write posts on Instagram:
Write an interesting headline.
Add a greeting or a request, you can do both.
Separate the post from the headline and publish it.
Use emoji emoticons.
Ask your readers questions.
I hope this article will help you write posts on Instagram, if necessary, and with paragraphs that you like, captivate and bring new users to your friends on this social network.

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